fluoresence microscopy

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Marquis P. Vawter, PhD, MA, MS
Director, Functional Genomics Laboratory
Department of Psychiatry & HB
Gillespie Neuroscience, Room 2119
University of California, College of Medicine
Irvine CA 92697-4260

Email mvawter@uci.edu
Phone 949-824-9014
Fax (Call for number)
Lab 949-824-8220, 949-824-9256

Lab: Gillespie Neuroscience Bldg., Room 3226
Zot code 4260

Brandi Rollins
Lab Manager
Email bgalke@uci.edu
Phone 949-824-8220

Maureen Martin, PhD
Email martinmv@uci.edu
Phone 949-824-0610

Adolfo Sequeira, PhD
Email pa.sequeira@uci.edu
Phone 949-824-0068

Linda Morgan, MS
Email lmorgan@uci.edu
Phone 949-824-9256

Emily Moon
Email emoon@uci.edu
Phone 949-824-7654

The above lab members can be reached by mail at:
Department of Psychiatry & HB
837 Health Sciences Rd.
Gillespie Neuroscience, Room 3226
Vawter Lab, ZOT 4260
Irvine, CA 92697